How to select a good Web Developer

Before we get into something as deep as What are the principle web services we should first learn how to select the right web developer. If you do not know what you should look for then selecting a web developer can be very difficult. So here are some helpful tips that will make things easier for you.

Web Developer

Tip 1

Firstly you should do a lot of research in locating a good web development company who will do a smooth job for you. Make a list of certain companies that you wish to work with and do individual research on them. Read the customer reviews as they will help you decide which one to hire. After that do a comparative study on the companies that you have shortlisted.

Tip 2

You will come across quite a few developers who will claim that they can do an outstanding job but in reality they could give you substandard results and charge you a lot of money in the process. This is something that you should avoid falling into. So when you are looking for a website developer you must remember to take recommendations from professionals who have been in the industry for years.

Tip 3

To get a clear idea on things you should take a look at the portfolio of the developer. You must view other websites that the developer has created as this will give you a clear idea on what you can expect from the developer. In fact you can also get the developer to create sample website designs for you and then you can decide whether you want to take things a step further.

Tip 4

In today’s world having a website is not enough; you have to put in quite a bit of effort in marketing the website properly. So you must make sure that the website developer will incorporate SEO on the website and this will actually help your website get a good rank on the various search engines.

Tip 5

You should not ignore the way in which a development company hosts a website that is created by them. This will also help you select a web developer without facing any obstacles. You should also know that there are many development companies that function as reseller for another company. If you are operating an eCommerce website and you experience any problems you should know who to get in touch with if you do face any problems.

Tip 6

You should always think long term when it comes to getting your website done. Find out how much you are required to pay for maintaining your website. You should also make sure that if the developer registers a domain for you then the name of your business should be included in the domain. This will also give you complete control over the domain and you will have the liberty to make changes to the hosting without any help from your developer. You should also have a copy of the website that you own.

Tip 7

Once you have decided on the developer that you wish to hire, it is highly recommended that you should get in touch with them and ask them for their references. Call the references and find out how their experience has been working with the particular web developer.

What are the principle web services catered by web developers?

Web Developer

Web developer is such a technical professional who is having specialize knowledge on programming and he usually implements HTTP language for running different programming codes. He is mainly responsible for the effective creation or development of websites for business concerns. Website creation is regarded as one of the most important and valuable web activities that are gaining the highest exposure in the modern age of digital technology.

Why modern web designers are so popular?

  • Modern developers make thorough market survey so that the current designing updates and the basic requirements of the targeted audiences can be known. These aspects are quite useful in creating more and more innovative designs for web pages.
  • It is not only about creating business sites but these designers are highly involved in maintaining the same so that the professional profile of the entities can be made more prominent or highlighting online.
  • Nowadays, the modern web designers are undertaking specialized technical trainings in order to get more and more knowledge about advanced technicalities so that improved web services can be provided to the customers. Each of these professionals is having their respective corporate websites and you can get within the same in order to get some potential amount of information about their duties.

What are the major duties of web designers?

The role of a web developer is quite challenging and it includes a lot of web services that are related with the creation and maintenance of websites online. Some of the major web services that are being performed by these expert professionals are as follows:-

  • Website designing and hoisting are regarded as the main services that are being conducted by these professionals. Official websites are mainly created in order to establish online entity and for earning more reputation in the market. Detailed information about the company and its services are also being mentioned within the same.
  • The tastes and preferences of the targeted customers are being thoroughly analyzed and researched so that absolutely customized and well-framed WebPages can be created without any fault. Different texts along with images are also being included in order to make the WebPages more expressive.
  • The websites are being updated and upgraded from time to time by these specialists. They access the control panel of the site for including different changes or alterations as per needs of their customers.
  • SEO is the best web service which is getting done by the modern web designers. This is all about maintaining site ranking with improved optimization within the major search-engines. This highly demands for a number of technical preparations or services like creation of backlinks, e-commerce features, programming codes, RSS feeds, contents, keywords, web marketing and many more.
  • Web marketing is also being conducted by these professionals. Online marketing is all about marketing or advertising the business sites of the customers online with the help of different potential online means. Some of the modern online means that assist or boost up online marketing to a great extent are social-media sites, popular sites, article directories, and many more.

The web developer can be either at as a freelancer or can join any reputed web-developing company as employee. You need to choose the best one so that you can get the most efficient web related services that play important role in popularizing your online based site. You can have local references or else can check out the customer testimonials in order to get the most efficient and skilled web designer. The roles, responsibilities or duties of the professional must be judged along with the skills and qualities so that you can get absolutely reliable and trustworthy web services.

The role of a Web Developer


Usually we are familiar with the fact that a Web Developer is most responsible for putting together various kinds of websites as per the requirements of a particular customer. To be become a professional developer a person has to have the required knowledge on all the aspects of website development.

Web Developer

Required qualification

The candidate should have an associate degree or even a certificate in graphic or website designing. Other than the qualification; the candidate must have strong skills when it comes to the various programming languages and designing software. The person must also know how to use the SSD VPS Solutions.

Some valuable information on the profession of a web developer

On a serious note this profession has its challenges. There are quite a few responsibilities that a person has to bear. Before the process of development starts you will need to know what the client wants. Once you are acquainted with the mission and the vision of the client then as a developer you will have no difficulty in designing the blue print of the website that will suit the goal of the organization. Now there are many things that a developer needs to consider for example the content and the image of the website should be taken into consideration.

You have to remember that a website becomes the face of a company over time, it represents the company in the corporate world. In today’s business world that is dependent on the internet; the success of a business lies in the design of its website. So by now you may have understood that the job of a web developer is not easy at all.

To live up to the expectation of the clients a developer should have immaculate communication skills. As a developer you must listen to the client very closely and capture the taste and preferences of the customers. It would be wise to take in suggestions from the clients. Maintaining a good relation with the customer is always a good thing to do. The true skill of a developers is when he or she is able to come up with a website design very quickly and also come up with a ready to go version. Sometimes a developer has to work on very strict deadlines and will be subjected to very intense pressure. We all know that most websites need to be updated on a regular basis and that they also need to be hosted properly so a web developer must know how to exploit the technology of SSD VPS Solutions


So it is crystal clear that simply having the required qualification. To get the best out of this profession a developer must have sufficient knowledge in HTML. This is a language that is used to make website pages and you must know how to use it well. To be a successful developer you have to keep updating your knowledge from time to time. So follow these tips and you should face no problems in attaining success in this profession.

SSD VPS Solutions – Setting New Benchmark Of Quality And Performance

Web Developer

SSD VPS solutions are reviewed to be the best solid state virtual private servers that make the entire business functioning go smooth.

As a business, one must always prior taking up SSD VPS which is activated within no time and is all dedicated to peak performance. This aspect has always been admired, loved and demanded by each web developer. With exceptional server performance, their lives are going simpler by making the entire process go streamlined right from the start.

Many companies make use of Cheap SSD VPS’s for developing the VPS templates right after activating the service. The service is all flexible to be upgraded and downgraded as per the upcoming business needs. The upgradeable SSD VPS is programmed to adjust resource allotments which help in meeting the needs in an optimal manner.

As reviewed by web developer allocated in reputed companies, SSD VPS ensures 100% Uptime which pledges virtually uninterrupted performance. The service facilitates getting work done at best speed doing away with downtime that otherwise affect your business. Users also have the option to view real time performance data to have a clear idea as to what’s going on in the VPS. It also facilitates seeing the historical views of this data in a more precise manner. In a nutshell, all the benefits Cheap SSD VPS’s for developing applications at a faster pace are listed below:

Speed – This attribute has been emphasized as the utmost for solid state drives or SSD. In comparison to the conventional storage, SSD for virtual private servers helps in delivering faster disk I/O performance which is commendable to illustrate. Web developer falls in love with SSD owing to this distinct attribute which helps in uplifting the website’s performance dramatically. SSD VPS has played a crucial role in speeding up the website performance, especially for those featuring dynamic content or databases.

Web development team must be provided with the right platforms to execute the task in a proficient manner. Something which is cheap yet powerful, VPS that uses SSD’s do wonders! It renders great help in developing your software without relying on additional help. SSD basically works at enhancing the speed which is very important in developing a VPS as it is far quicker. Companies using the SSD’s have great benefits with a quick cloud server VPS, as it enables them to show their project whilst keeping the task on.

There is no doubt to the fact that SSDs are always considered pricey, but over the period and with advent of advanced technology the price seems to go lower and lower. It won’t be wrong to say that cheap SSD VPS’s carry the basic purpose of using data for developmental reasons, all a company requires to do is figure out which service provider is the most reputable to lay trust on. There are many open forums on which community of web developers discusses the performance and price suitability of distinct service providers offering SSD VPS hosting services at nominal prices. While taking a look in the market, one also comes across tons of different builds and set-ups which bring the best combination of great speed at a low price.

Cheap SSD VPS puts forth the scenario where a computer can easily handle executions, without taking much away from the pocket.

Web Developer –How to Ensure You Hire the Best

Hiring a web developer is a task of trend. With the ever-changing trenWeb Developerds and website revamping needs, business require back up of a talented and highly skilled web developer who can take care of all the web developing work. If you are an entrepreneur willing to hire a web developer for your next IT project, ensure to follow the below listed guidelines to place hands on the most favorable candidate.

Web DeveloperWork Experience – If your budget allows you to hire talent, make sure that you pick an experienced professional for this job. It will save time, energy and resources which are otherwise wasted in hit and trials, bearing no results. The person must possess skills to create a sophisticated and highly functioning website by applying latest tools and tricks to attain the pre-stated business goals. Run through the pointers given below to assess his/her capabilities for this position:

– Ask for their design portfolio
– Time invested developing website and number of websites developed so far
– Areas of specialization with respect to web development
– Knowledge of hand coding, HTML, HTML editor and Javascript
– Capabilities to handle database work
– Assistance in marketing the website once developed

Quality of Customer Service
Quality of customer service stands at par with the primary task of website development. Test the candidates’ skills on working as per the requirements downloaded by the clients and answering their queries in case they have any. You can also ask for a list of client references served so far to make a check on the skills promised in the interview.

Original and Professional Website Graphics
Evaluate the person’s ability to create and professional looking and original web graphics. This gives him the required edge to stand out among other applicants by showcasing the ability to draft an exceptional page layout, a good color scheme, along with tasteful graphics to enhance the overall appeal of the website.

Marketing Savvy
A web developer should do more than just developing impressive websites. It is vital for them to generate a steady stream of traffic to the website. Ask for assistance that they can deliver with respect to:

– Meta tags for a website
– Registration with the search engines and the choice of search engines
– Mass submission

This is an expertise one cannot do without in the given profile. A web developer who can draft impressive web copy, ensure that the message is conveyed rightly, and ascertain that the interface is geared to be sold is a proven asset for a firm.

Communication Skills
For a web developer, it is inevitable to communicate with clients internally as well as externally. Therefore, employers should ensure no compromise with respect to communication capabilities.

Speed of Work
Developer must be capable to take up and accomplish projects on time. He must be scrutinized for quality as well as speed of work which will help the firm to meet its goals on time without compromising on the quality.

Developing Windows and Linux Applications Remotely Using a VPS

The remote development of applications has always been something developers all over the world have cherished, and the best way to go about doing it is through the use of a VPS (whether it be Linux or Windows). Most developers have a set preference when it comes to the operating system they develop their applications on/for, and if there’s one thing about the developmental industry we know it’s that you can never work on a project too much. Most people use a regular computer for their developing needs, but there’s so many things to benefit from with the use of a VPS that it’s look at as the ideal solution these days. If you’re developing applications for either Linux or Windows and you aren’t using a VPS you’re missing out, and it’s just that simple. VPS’s make the entire process of developing an application as smooth as it’s ever been, and it does this through a bunch of different platforms. The most obvious one has got to be the fact that a VPS can turn a low-quality operation into a high-quality one (that is if the specs of the VPS hosting are “beefy” in a sense). The better your VPS, the better time you’re going to have while remotely developing an application. People prefer remote development because having all of the tools and data on your personal computer is going to cause trouble eventually. You can’t have a personal computer and dedicated it to the development of applications as well, which is why a VPS is so ideal.

The reasoning behind your decision shouldn’t matter much if it has to do with operating systems, because regardless of what you’re used to there’s going to be a Windows VPS Host out there that you can make use of. You need to understand what makes a great VPS beforehand though, because failing to do so will more than likely have you renting out a VPS that isn’t worth the amount you’re paying. A VPS that incorporates SSD’s (solid state drives) is going to be your best bet, simply because they’re the best storage devices for a VPS out there right now (and you want the best of the best, right?). VPS’s are pretty cheap as well, so money isn’t going to be a problem if you aren’t that well off.

Developing your applications will be as easy as it’s ever been with the use of a VPS, and when you’re remotely developing applications you don’t need to worry about the regular repercussions that might occur with a regular computer. The amount of times I’ve actually backed up my personal computer can be counted on one hand, but when it comes to my VPS I find myself backing up the data as frequently as I can. The process is a lot easier through a VPS than it is through traditional means, so if anything does go wrong (which is actually quite rare) you’re still going to retain all of your hard work.

Cheap SSD VPS’s For Developing

I absolutely love saving money, and I’ll take it that you absolutely love saving money to. VPS’s are always going to be the industry standard for maintaining the data and other traits for websites and applications alike, the near future doesn’t really seem like it’s going to bring a crazy and innovative development that’s going to have people leaping from the top of buildings (and hopefully that never happens, but you never know, eh?). A VPS is the best friend you could ever have in the virtual world, but your best friend needs to have a few “cool pairs of pants” if he wants to impress the ladies (that’s a poor metaphor explaining the relationship between SSD’S and VPS’s, sorry about that). SSD’s have always been too expensive for the beginner system administrator to use, but cheaper alternatives are out there, you’ve just got to not be so incredibly lazy and find them. Sometimes they can be as easy as a Google search away, and I know this problem from personal experience. When I put my first Cheap VPS together I wanted to know how I could speed it up for developmental purposes, and I wasn’t really aware of the many forums and other conversational platforms out there to aid the problem.

I ended up reading something about SSD’s and how they improve the speed of a VPS, and I figured that the quicker my VPS was, the quicker I was going to be able to develop on it. I wasn’t exactly rolling in money, so I was looking for the cheapest solution I could possibly find. I ended up taking to Google and I had actually found some pretty solid results, there were services out there that offered quality SSD VPS’s for about eight dollars (USD) a month. I was able to get my developing done at a quicker rate, and I was able to store much more data on the server than I could before. Blazing speed is the only thing that could describe an SSD VPS, and when somebody vouches for it like I do you have to know that it’s good!

SSD’s have many benefits to them, all the way from the small amount of heat they give off to the fact that they have no moving parts to them, but speed is one of the most important things your VPS has to have. It’s almost like football, you’re not going to send an old and deteriorating veteran out on the field when he’s 346 lbs. and overheating, you’re always going to go for the younger and much more slender version (this is another terrible metaphor trying to explain the difference between a HDD VPS and a SSD VPS, sorry again!). I may not be the best with metaphors, but I know a speedy VPS when I see one, and SSD’s are the only things I’m going to let touch my datacenter at this rate; I can only imagine what else they’ve got in the works.

Simple Cheap Windows VPS

…For Running a Small Windows Environment for a Web Server.

The title is a mouthful, and the lesson is going to be a body full (is that even a phrase?). Website require their very own web server, and that’s why having a dedicated VPS to back-up (and store) everything from your website on is such an important thing. When you’re running a VPS with a Windows environment for your web server you need to worry about a couple of things, and if you aren’t going to worry about them you won’t have the quickest website you could have. It’s all about optimization, and optimizing your VPS all the way from the physical components to the actual settings will guarantee a fast web server. The amount of people that going to claim to provide a “reputable VPS service that will work with your needs” is pretty atrocious, and that means it’s going to be hard to tell the studs from the duds.

Money makes everybody’s life a little bit better, and the more the merrier! A cheap VPS will be easy on your wallet and provide you with the speed you need to have a high quality web server set up, and a high quality website is going to return the favor eventually. Web servers are going to run applications, so keeping a VPS that’s powerful enough to handle these executions without overworking is another task you’ll need to focus on. Take your time with this part, because this is where I got lost in the very beginning. Every single VPS has a make-up on components, and whatever this make-up happens to be is going to determine how powerful your VPS is going to be (and when you’re running a web server on a small Windows environment you can’t expect a lot). A small environment means you’re not going to have a lot of equipment to work with, so having small (yet just as efficient) SSD’s and such is going to keep everybody happy.

They aren’t that expensive when you look at it from my perspective, a couple of years ago a dedicated VPS would be about ten times the price it is today. A Windows environment is set to work with the most common-types of scripts right away, so even the newest of new should be able to navigate through things without struggling. Personally the hardest thing I had to learn was that everything in the world that’s worth something won’t be too pricey, and a cheap Windows VPS for your web server (within a Windows environment) is another addition to that exception. Keep your bank happy and look deeper into the issue, you’ll probably find a service that you end up working with for a long time. I’ve been with my current VPS provider for about 4 years now, and I don’t see a reason as to why I’d stop working with them anytime soon (then again, this is a business built around netwo