Cheap SSD VPS’s For Developing

I absolutely love saving money, and I’ll take it that you absolutely love saving money to. VPS’s are always going to be the industry standard for maintaining the data and other traits for websites and applications alike, the near future doesn’t really seem like it’s going to bring a crazy and innovative development that’s going to have people leaping from the top of buildings (and hopefully that never happens, but you never know, eh?). A VPS is the best friend you could ever have in the virtual world, but your best friend needs to have a few “cool pairs of pants” if he wants to impress the ladies (that’s a poor metaphor explaining the relationship between SSD’S and VPS’s, sorry about that). SSD’s have always been too expensive for the beginner system administrator to use, but cheaper alternatives are out there, you’ve just got to not be so incredibly lazy and find them. Sometimes they can be as easy as a Google search away, and I know this problem from personal experience. When I put my first Cheap VPS together I wanted to know how I could speed it up for developmental purposes, and I wasn’t really aware of the many forums and other conversational platforms out there to aid the problem.

I ended up reading something about SSD’s and how they improve the speed of a VPS, and I figured that the quicker my VPS was, the quicker I was going to be able to develop on it. I wasn’t exactly rolling in money, so I was looking for the cheapest solution I could possibly find. I ended up taking to Google and I had actually found some pretty solid results, there were services out there that offered quality SSD VPS’s for about eight dollars (USD) a month. I was able to get my developing done at a quicker rate, and I was able to store much more data on the server than I could before. Blazing speed is the only thing that could describe an SSD VPS, and when somebody vouches for it like I do you have to know that it’s good!

SSD’s have many benefits to them, all the way from the small amount of heat they give off to the fact that they have no moving parts to them, but speed is one of the most important things your VPS has to have. It’s almost like football, you’re not going to send an old and deteriorating veteran out on the field when he’s 346 lbs. and overheating, you’re always going to go for the younger and much more slender version (this is another terrible metaphor trying to explain the difference between a HDD VPS and a SSD VPS, sorry again!). I may not be the best with metaphors, but I know a speedy VPS when I see one, and SSD’s are the only things I’m going to let touch my datacenter at this rate; I can only imagine what else they’ve got in the works.

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