Web Developer –How to Ensure You Hire the Best

Hiring a web developer is a task of trend. With the ever-changing trenWeb Developerds and website revamping needs, business require back up of a talented and highly skilled web developer who can take care of all the web developing work. If you are an entrepreneur willing to hire a web developer for your next IT project, ensure to follow the below listed guidelines to place hands on the most favorable candidate.

Web DeveloperWork Experience – If your budget allows you to hire talent, make sure that you pick an experienced professional for this job. It will save time, energy and resources which are otherwise wasted in hit and trials, bearing no results. The person must possess skills to create a sophisticated and highly functioning website by applying latest tools and tricks to attain the pre-stated business goals. Run through the pointers given below to assess his/her capabilities for this position:

– Ask for their design portfolio
– Time invested developing website and number of websites developed so far
– Areas of specialization with respect to web development
– Knowledge of hand coding, HTML, HTML editor and Javascript
– Capabilities to handle database work
– Assistance in marketing the website once developed

Quality of Customer Service
Quality of customer service stands at par with the primary task of website development. Test the candidates’ skills on working as per the requirements downloaded by the clients and answering their queries in case they have any. You can also ask for a list of client references served so far to make a check on the skills promised in the interview.

Original and Professional Website Graphics
Evaluate the person’s ability to create and professional looking and original web graphics. This gives him the required edge to stand out among other applicants by showcasing the ability to draft an exceptional page layout, a good color scheme, along with tasteful graphics to enhance the overall appeal of the website.

Marketing Savvy
A web developer should do more than just developing impressive websites. It is vital for them to generate a steady stream of traffic to the website. Ask for assistance that they can deliver with respect to:

– Meta tags for a website
– Registration with the search engines and the choice of search engines
– Mass submission

This is an expertise one cannot do without in the given profile. A web developer who can draft impressive web copy, ensure that the message is conveyed rightly, and ascertain that the interface is geared to be sold is a proven asset for a firm.

Communication Skills
For a web developer, it is inevitable to communicate with clients internally as well as externally. Therefore, employers should ensure no compromise with respect to communication capabilities.

Speed of Work
Developer must be capable to take up and accomplish projects on time. He must be scrutinized for quality as well as speed of work which will help the firm to meet its goals on time without compromising on the quality.

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