Who is Dan Ceric?

Canadians don’t get enough credit when in the world when it comes to most things, and being one myself it’s always been tough trying to come up with relevant ideas that can help me further my career. I’ve just graduated from Mohawk College and gotten my Broadcast Journalism degree, but my love for technology has never faltered. I’ve tried to expand my horizons a little bit, and that’s pretty much the only reason why I actually went to school. I don’t believe in the whole educational process to be honest with you, but something out there plucked my brain strings like never before; that thing happened to be informative blogging. Everybody and their mother probably has a blog by now, and I guess you could say that I got to the train station a bit late, but that’s not going to stop me.

School was four years that I’ll never get back, and although I did learn some useful stuff it felt like I wasn’t doing what I really loved doing. I’ve always been interested in computers and stuff like that, and now that I realize there’s a market out there on the internet for just about everything it’s all much clearer. School is useful I you want to take the traditional route for a career, but the options you have when you’re getting into the online industry are somewhat overwhelming. I’m a late bloomer, but everything I know about technology is going to get crammed into this tiny little blog. It doesn’t really matter if anybody reads it, I just want to have a place to concentrate my thoughts towards.

Some of my updates might be informative, and some might just be talking about how good my coffee was this morning (but it’ll mostly be informative and engaging post, that’s how you become a good blogger, right?), so keep yourself strapped in for the bumpy ride we’re about to embark on. I was born in Ottawa and the amount of opportunities during high school regarding technology weren’t too “open”, and all of the ones that did have to do with it seemed too technical for me. Nowadays there are bloggers that will take you step by step through entire processes, and that’s something I just didn’t get the privilege of using. Now I do, and now I feel like my one goal in life is to spread my knowledge to other people. Hopefully I can reach a few fellow Canucks in the process, because if there was somebody that could develop a maple syrup rating app that’d be pretty terrific.

VPS’s have been my business for a few years now, and even though I could stand to learn a bit more about them myself I think there are people who can benefit from what I’ve got to say. I might tend to ramble on, and my writing prowess may not be as polished as most readers are used to, but I’m always good for an informative read!

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